Alafia Place
dwelling in possibility

Many people are working tirelessly to make a difference in the community. What would it be like if these leaders had affordable, inspiring homes to retire to at the end of the day? Places of rest and delight in which they could relax, rejuvenate, collaborate with others over dinner, and host community meetings. Alafia Place provides that. The backyard will be transformed into a beautiful garden that will serve as both a sanctuary for residents and a gathering space for the community, complete with gazebo for staging performance poetry, music and story-telling.

When the renovation is complete, we expect Alafia Place will be a beacon of inspiration and hope in the community. We also expect it will demonstrate what’s possible when committed individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations come together with their unique gifts and resources in the pursuit of a common dream.


“Alafia” is a Yoruba greeting, out of Africa, that conveys peace, tranquility, wellness, calmness and good tidings. It is spiritual in nature and a blessing used regularly by the first resident of Alafia Place.


A place of beauty where possibility is realized and people are fulfilled.

To strengthen and sustain leaders by providing affordable housing and opportunities for personal and professional development that help them grow initiatives designed to transform the quality of life on the northside of Minneapolis.

Garden photos suggest our vision for the gardens of Alafia Place.

Alafia Place | 900 - 16th Avenue N. | Minneapolis | MN | 55411